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Maximizing your website and reach through greater digital accessibility

Our services include:

  • Accessibility consulting and audits
  • Team training and communication
  • Conformance reporting and VPATs
  • Website remediation and support
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As leaders in digital accessibility and inclusiveness, we will help you reach your full target market

It’s hard to keep up when things change so fast...

As a leader in your organization or business, you may be rightfully proud of your website and other digital products. But are you keeping up with the expanding world of accessibility and inclusivity — in other words, reaching everyone in your target market?

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Listen to the latest Access & A11y(s) podcast

Our podcast brings you bite-sized episodes on how to make your website and digital media accessible for everyone.

Ep. 14: Web Accessibility for Autistic Users - part 1

Read transcripts of our podacst episodes on the articles page.

Did you know?

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People with disabilities make up a large online audience

39% of Canadians living with disability when using a phone or computer device have used text-to-speech technology, and 30% use magnification software.

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Developers don’t always know what they don’t know

On the homepages of the top 1 million websites globally, 51 million distinct accessibility errors were found — it can happen to the best of the best.

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It’s not just a standards trend, it's becoming the law

Through legislation, many jurisdictions are demanding online inclusivity for public sector organizations — can similar requirements for the private sector be that far behind?

You don’t want to spend your time playing catch up

Take the steps needed to make your digital products more accessible to a wider range of potential customers or visitors.

And that’s where allAccess can help your organisation.

We can assist you in improving the experience for everyone by identifying and helping implement accessibility and WCAG standards as needed.

Accessibility doesn’t mean your website and other digital products can’t offer eye-catching design and features; it just means you need to consider how everyone uses the web.

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With our specialized audits, training and consulting services, we’ll work with you to:

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Help your organization increase its awareness and understanding to the importance of inclusive digital accessibility.

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Deliver enhanced training to your development team so they can implement accessibility solutions on a day-to-day basis.

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Most importantly, help improve the overall experience for everyone who visits your site by applying standards for accessibility, so your digital brand is open and inviting to all.

Let's talk about some common concerns regarding websites and digital accessibility

Organizations lose potential audience members when they ignore or skip digital accessibility

Automated accessibility services as an add-on to a website is not a complete solution

Accessibility is perceived as a time consuming delay for other efforts

Auditing and reporting (ACRs and VPATs) can help to ensure accessibility in digital properties and websites

An accessible website can be as expertly designed as you want to make it

Focusing on accessibility does not have to limit functionality

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We’re here to help you succeed!

Whether it's a custom accessibility audit and report, team training, organisational consulting or website improvements, we’re ready to work with you.

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